When mama shared the news,
That I was on the way,
No one was quite sure…
Exactly what to say.

But once everyone
Found out
They knew
Without a doubt

What a blessing, what a gift
I would be.
Mama & Maggie
Plus me make three!

Fingers & toes,
A freckled little nose,
Skin so fair,
And bright ginger hair…

All kinds of guesses
As to who I might be…
A warrior princess?
A sailor of the sea?

Pink or blue -
Doesn’t much matter,
As long as our home
Is filled with love an laughter.

So you might be wondering…
Curious to know…
Just what kind of parts
I’ve started to grow…

Tons of nieces & daughters
Everyone has enjoyed
But guess what…surprise!
I’M A LITTLE BOY! #babywarren #preggoadventures #genderreveal #iwrotethatforyall

I wanna spill the beans so bad but I can’t quite yet!! So here’s my shocked & excited 19 weeks belly bump for you. #genderreveal #babywarren #singlemama #preggoadventures

Dear Baby, Tomorrow I find out your gender but today I know this: I’m going to teach you all about our planet and the responsibility we have to care for it. Plants, animals, our ecosystem and ability to both protect & cohabitate the remaining spaces of the world - these are things you need to know. I want you to share my love for colorful fragrant flowers, the beautiful song of whales in the sea, and the joy of connecting with nature. Together, that kind of love can make ripples of change for the better - for all of us. Happy first Earth Day, Little One!

Dedicating Sarah Vaughan’s 1960 song “Dreamy” to baby B tonight. Can’t deny that I’m falling more deeply in love with ever little kick & flutter. // “Ask me why I have this smile upon my face, Ask me why a see a rainbow out in space, Well I must confess, You don’t need a genius to guess, Its’ because I’m dreamy over you.
Ask me why this scent of perfume fills the air, Ask me why the sound of music everywhere, Well I must reveal it comes from the glow that I feel, Just because I’m dreamy over you.
From the first caress your touch of tenderness, Sent me realing, revealing a feeling, a falling, And setting my heart all ablaze, From the first caress I found a happiness, I will treasure always.
Now I know the joy I’ve never known before, It’s the joy that comes from someone you adore, Ask me why and I have a very simple reply, It’s because I’m dreamy over you.” #bigband #babywarren #mamalove

SOME-baby 👶 ❤️LOVES❤️ WASABI. I’ve created a monster. 🐉My stomach feels like there is a kraken inside, rather than a tiny ninja…this is insane. SIMMA DOWN!

I fell asleep thinking about the Garden of Gethsemane and woke up this morning from a dream that I was being nailed to a cross by the palms of my hands. Upon realizing it was a dream but remembering so vividly how agonizing it had felt, physically and emotionally, I found myself overcome with fresh grief and humility over the reality of the immeasurable gift of sacrifice and salvation Jesus gave us all that day. Thousands of years before I was even born into this world, He was planning a journey beautiful beyond comprehension for my life & a place in His family. What a loving God. I am so grateful to be a daughter of the Most High. I am not worthy. #GoodFriday #HumbledByLove

Sometimes you need a sea breeze to clear your head & calm your heart.

"You can clean around the wound, but if you want it to heal - it just takes time. And you can go up to the moon, but if you want something to change - you gotta change your life and take your time. It just takes time, it just takes time, it just takes time, hard work and your time. And the sun will leave your room and leave you to the night and that’s alright because before the morning comes there’s a certain calm and then there’s light..it just takes time."

Guess who just got the honors of being the first to feel the baby kick? @hickoryginger! Say what you will #fullmoons or #bloodmoons, but tonight’s wild romping baby dance party must be a celebration of the moon!

So….the beach was fun yesterday but uh…apparently after 26 years I haven’t learned my lessons… #gingersgonnaging #sunburn

Maggie meets the Pacific Ocean! She’s not sure how she feels about waves… #doodlelife #santacruz #aptos #california by @hickoryginger

I turned around from eating my dinner at the bar and this is what I found…what a ham! #doodlelife

SOMEone is getting VERY needy. I haven’t figured out yet if it’s just loveyness or anxiety…but she’s become a snuggle addict and has to drape herself across me to be satisfied. #onlychildsyndrome #doodlelife #preggoadventures

17 weeks & baby is practicing womb-karate like it’s life depends on it. Never a full moment anymore!

It’s been a day of laundry, food, hair feathers, leisurely walks in the sunshine with Doodle, long distance phone calls, melancholy ruminations and now snugs while we watch #Grimm. A good reminder that not all #fairytales have happy endings, but all fairytales have adventure! #doodlelife #gypsysoul