Guess who just got the honors of being the first to feel the baby kick? @hickoryginger! Say what you will #fullmoons or #bloodmoons, but tonight’s wild romping baby dance party must be a celebration of the moon!

So….the beach was fun yesterday but uh…apparently after 26 years I haven’t learned my lessons… #gingersgonnaging #sunburn

Maggie meets the Pacific Ocean! She’s not sure how she feels about waves… #doodlelife #santacruz #aptos #california by @hickoryginger

I turned around from eating my dinner at the bar and this is what I found…what a ham! #doodlelife

SOMEone is getting VERY needy. I haven’t figured out yet if it’s just loveyness or anxiety…but she’s become a snuggle addict and has to drape herself across me to be satisfied. #onlychildsyndrome #doodlelife #preggoadventures

17 weeks & baby is practicing womb-karate like it’s life depends on it. Never a full moment anymore!

It’s been a day of laundry, food, hair feathers, leisurely walks in the sunshine with Doodle, long distance phone calls, melancholy ruminations and now snugs while we watch #Grimm. A good reminder that not all #fairytales have happy endings, but all fairytales have adventure! #doodlelife #gypsysoul

"I know, it don’t quite feel right
Where we’re goin’, outcome uncertain
But I, I am focused
Every moment more determined

I ain’t the kind for giving up
I’ll make a way for you, my love
I won’t be sold the lies of the world
‘Cause I ain’t the kind
I ain’t the kind for giving up

The glow of this street light
Is an omen, our time is coming
And oh, we are movin’
Movin’ forward with ever motion”
- “I ain’t the kind for giving up” by Andy Zipf #songoftheday #counterculturallove

Ever wondered what a baby’s heartbeat sounds like with a doppler? Addictive. That’s what it sounds like! β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜‰ I’m so in love with my little nugget already. 😍 #pregnancy #preggoadventures #singlemama #babywarren #midwifery

I love Springtime… Hello April! Glad you’re here! (2/2) #flowers #purple

I love Springtime… Hello April! Glad you’re here! (1/2) #ivy #green

You know a restaurant has class when you walk in and they’re playing Al Green. (at Lolinda)

Jessie: 0 / Curtains: 1 - Never ignore directions that say you need a drill. Praying the rod doesn’t fall after I just laid it atop the plastic shades…. πŸ˜– #ineedskills #needahandyman

"Mom…am I gonna have a seestuh or a brudduh?" "Well Maggie, we find out in three weeks." "But Maaaaaaaaahm, I wanna know now! That’s so many sleeps from now!" #doodlelife #babywarren

Got #widn’d by @mrslarsonbrito. ☺️ I’m slurping on some New England Clam Chowder & enjoying a few chapters in “gentle birth, gentle mothering” by Sarah J. Buckley MD. She has me wishing I could do a Lotus Birth! Alas, I think encapsulation would be wise. | I tag…. @hickoryginger @pushlovedoula