Ohhhhh the puppy snuggles today. Maggie was a little jealous that Oreo got so much lovin’. (@cat_daddddy put colored chalk on their tails so we could tell them apart.)

My step-mom’s cat went missing several weeks ago… So today she came home with TWO 8 week old #pekingese / #poodle mix #puppies today. This one isn’t sure whether he wants to eat the food from the bowl or sleep in it. #pekapoo #peekapoo #pekeapoo #pekepoo #idontevenknow

#Psalm 113 stuck out to me this morning… #God is working this way in my life right now. In this season alone He has lifted me from both the dust and garbage heap repeatedly… And brought the joy of pending motherhood to my childless life. I’m so grateful!

There’s nothing a giant bowl of pho cannot cure. So I’m scarfing and scanning as much of #birthingfromwithin as possible before my sono in 45 minutes…I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have some anxiety. Not because I don’t trust he’ll be okay, but because I want answers. I hope this perinatologist takes the issue seriously and gives me real options for having this baby safely. Just one of those situations where no matter how well you take care of yourself, complications can still happen. C’est la vie. #trustingGod #pamengland #pregnancy #preggo #32weeks

{“A ship under sail and a big bellied woman are the handsomest two things that can be seen common” Ben Franklin} | As a lover of the sea & of this beautiful pregnancy journey I’m on, I can’t help but agree. Taking this journey alone and sailing on the sea have more than beauty in common, in all kinds of ways - but I’m loving it in all it’s messiness. #benjaminfranklin #sailing #ship #singlemom #pregnant #pregnancy

The aftermath of a Texas rainstorm…beautiful heat lightning, quiet thunder, and the drip drip drip of the gutters.

Last one for the night… my sister @jenniferw206 is HUHLARIOUS and created this in response to my musical choice for my bubble bath. 😂 #mostinterestingman #yanni

Someone is concerned about my well being, because “Baffs are scawwy….” 🐶 #labradoodles #doodlelife

Have had a very hard time sleeping this past week resulting in a persistent headache 😣…growing a human 👶 is not for the faint of heart, lemme tell ya. So I’m trying an epsom salt bath 🐳 with gratuitous #bubbles compliments of a #lush fun bar I was gifted at Christmas. Crossing my fingers I can sleep at a decent time tonight. 💤#preggo #bubblebath #BabyBrave

Texas clouds are so dramatic, I love them…never afraid to change, never afraid to be both light and stormy at the same time.

Sometimes, when you’re #pregnant, you gotta wake up to eat a giant bowl of organic peanut butter cereal with chocolate almond milk…and then to back to bed. #31weeks #preggo #BabyBrave #stilltired

{from ODE TO BURGEONINGS by Pablo Neruda} Reading poetry before bed is good for the soul… I think #PabloNeruda is one of the kindred spirits who felt at the depth that I feel. His words give flight to the sheep I count, trying to fall asleep at night.

{From YOU KNOW WHO I AM by Leonard Cohen}

It’s a reading #LeonardCohen while listening to #BonIver & #JamesVincentMcMorrow kind of night. I shouldn’t be surprised at this point. But I have a hopeful heart, even when I should be guarding it most. Guess that’s why I make such an easy target. Nothing to do but embrace the beauty in the hurt.

If you just keep your eyes open and look for miracles where you don’t expect them, who knows what you’ll find. Today’s find: a snail shell while on a walk with Maggie. I’ll be adding this shell to my special tin box for Brave & tell him one day, “I found this while on a walk near our home where you were born.” #BabyBrave #snailshell #keepsake

I’m too excited not to go on and on about it - can I just tell you how comfortable and perfect this #eamesrocker knock-off I found on #overstock is?! 😍 It’s the perfect height, not quite as hard as the original, and was a fraction of the price. I love it! The “rug” is actually a blanket from my own childhood that I’ve kept over the years. It’s so soft it makes my toes happy and gives the impression I’m rocking on clouds. Add the #potterybarn pillow and I’ve created a space I love as much as it is functional. #babyprep #BabyBrave #eames #eameschair #ikea #raskog